On Bullshit

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A classic book on the concern for the truth. Author was concerned about the lack of truth in speech and in the world today.


On YT - part 1 - 6 min - [1] - part 2 - [2]

Bullshit defined: saying things in pursuit of one's ambition, not necessarily lying. It is more about distortion, misrepresentation, emphasis on certain things - rather than lying.

Bullshit - and the distinction between bullshit and lying. The bullshitter may be saying the truth, the lier is not telling the truth.

Important point: while not lying, bullshit is a distortion of truth - and from the standpoint of forming accurate mental models of reality - a key quest of General Semantics theory - one must be able to recognize bullshit. It is more pervasive than lying - and probably only a very few people do not bullshit.