On the Issue of Group History vs Individualistic Historical Narratives

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  • In recent discussion on how history (in the "real world" as well as simple smaller scale studies such as "who discovered what" in science/medecine etc) is told, there is a debate as to whether it should be told as a story of "Geniuses and Heroes" (In the most extreme case "Great Man Theory" ) or as a story of collective history of the people's struggle (In the most extreme case ultra-collectivist thought of leaders/inventors being irrelevant due to being inevitable, or even being called abstract historical creations of sorts)
  • Granted as is cleche with these issues "BalAnCE iS kEy", however it is relevant to the feilds of Crediting Original Creators , and Education to kind of get a concrete policy on this
    • Scientific literature in many ways has done this via Citations

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