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By week, for 12 weeks:

  1. Go over their work for the development cycle. Commit to specific goals on the Development Template- both documentation/instructionals and design. For design, 60 part commits should be a standard, which means a significant contribution to part libraries and actual designs. One instructional every 6 weeks, with a script. Make sure the candidate is logging and keeping the time sheet.
  2. Go over any issues in FreeCAD workflows.
  3. Intro to Product Ecologies and Part Libraries.
  4. Go over Development Process workflows. Does the candidate understand the Development Template that reflects the progress of their work? Are they keeping a burndown? Are they committing design to the Part Library? Typical assignments are 5 part commits per week, for a total of 60 parts committed total - at least 10 of them unique.
  5. Go over any issues in Kdenlive, and Video Assets library - as person gets ready to publish their first video
  6. Collaborative Literacy basics - 1 hr webinar