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The central psychological and cultural goal of the OSE Apprenticeship is to expand one's index of possibility by expanding one's awareness of possibilities. This is backed up by teaching the hard and soft skills to get there.


  • Critical start is Core Development Method
  • The second part is all participants reaching out to their top 3 potential contacts. Do this on Global Collaboration Days. The point is that everyone of us probably has someone willing to join because we joined - and make them an irresistible offer. Is this a faulty assumption?
  • How do we all collaborate on Solving for People Showing Up
  • Learning how to ask good, important questions - as then out come good, important answers.
  • Understanding the meaning of working on stupid shit vs solving pressing world issues as a matter of consciousness expansion, not essential capacity expansion

Howto Videos

  • Creating part libraries, including thumbnails.

Collaborative Transcendence

  • Recommend new Fellows
  • Propose Invited Guests to the Enterprise Sessions
  • Accessing thought leaders - ex, Jeremy Rifkin, Kate Raworth
  • Rapid learning instructionals for Kdenlive, Gimp, Inkscape, Blender

Daily Scorecard: Questions to Ask Every Day for Economic Time-Binding

To change the world:

  • What design detail did I contribute to the OSE Part Library today?
  • How many Development Template items for a given project have I contributed to today?
  • Did I contribute purchasing information to BOMs or other operations records for the OSE Campus?

Mind Expansion

  • Words are important - we consider ourselves capable worthy as of the OSE Social Contract, and we consider each of us as potential Movement Entrepreneurs. Then we at the very least consider that possibility, as opposed to not being aware of it.
  • CAD - understanding the limits of large group workflow for CAD, and the role of File Simplification for file management and Part Libraries for organization

Economic Goals: Third Zone in the 4 Zones of Possibility

  • 100 people trained at the enterprise level. 100 houses each. $2.5M net each, for $250M revenue in 2022-2023
  • Economic Value Assessment of the GVCS
  • Each person, in their Onboarding Survey - should answer:
    • Describe your 4 Zones of Possibility for the Apprenticeship program.

Tech Goals

  • MMOG for SEH 2 build practice. HiFi, real parts make it useful. Collaborative aspect makes it more so.
  • FreeCAD Workbenches - guest presentation by G and full solution in house
  • Complete digital model for Housing 2.0 - derivatives are MMOGs, full renders, instructionals, icons

OSE Design Principles

  • We follow and continuously evolve the OSE Design Principles. This is participatory and iterative - and builds on the OSE Specifications. Remember that the end goal of OSE is evolution and transformation via collaborative design, with specific tactics such as Extreme Manufacturing and Extreme Enterprise.
  • Always transcend by assuming unlimited potential for collaboration. For example, why Unreal AND Godot? Because if we collaborate, we can do both, and each has its place. It's inclusive to include better solutions while developing open source solutions.


Summer 2021 General Objectives