Onboarding - Circles of Competence

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  • Everyone learns the basic concepts across as many disciplines as possible.
  • Theory - according to Buzan's theory of learning, once you learn one area, you learn the next quicker. Mastery of one allows for 10000 hr genius of another, minus 3000 hrs, meaning 3.5 yrs after that.
  • First rule of management: understand your hours. Understand it to the half hour for every day, then you can change it.
  • Each person is onboarded with a Venn Diagram map of areas of endeavor, and each selects what they want to learn. The choices are from builder to builder of innovative institutions.
  • Who has the best program on learning planning?
  • Is there a basic test - math, literacy, communication, numeracy, history, psychology, law, technology, civics?