One Day Microhouse

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Along the lines of Superfast Basic Build -

I think the way forward is to start with absolute basic shell that we can do in one day. I propose that we do a version on a treated lumber footer or stabilized brick footer - for a shed or similar - and see how we can fork from there to additional features - while allowing for a ONE DAY BUILD INCLUDING FOUNDATION + GRAVEL.

Can you draw up an hourly equivalent corresponding to but for the 1 day build? I suggest that 7 AM gravel delivery is the start point.

Eventually, add a realtime limestone burn to generate our own mortar, like Frank Lloyd Wright (FLW). Eventually, strawboard manufactured in realtime - which we should have a prototype of by January if Chris sticks to his schedule of tech dev - which so far is on schedule with the trencher build.

What do you think? I think that could be radical.

I could see things like water heater, sink, etc, being mounted right on the brick wall - where we modularize via install onto "quick mounting plates" paralleling, for example, quick mounting plates for tractor hydraulic valves - where 1 bolt and quick couplers intall an item in 5 minutes - pending a quick mounting interface to the object of interest. What do you think of this?

So: say a water system module: sink on a mounting panel featuring quick connects. Water heater on a panel featuring quick connects. Shower module without drain but with small sump pump draining to a single sink drain. Universal Shit Muncher module for toilet - emptying graywater into the same drain. So 1 drain for entire house. Etc.

I think we can radically improve the speed AND approach a modern home standard at the same time. I just think we have to Think Diffferent. Further, we need to figure out how to end a house without having to do all the trim work as in the last one. That is killing us