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The OSE development process involves the OSE Wiki, an open platform that anyone can contribute to. Development Team members keep open Work Logs, and all development steps of the OSE open source hardware product development process are captured in the Development Spreadsheet . Unlike other projects, we have an extensive product ecology, where parts of the overall Global Village Construction Set are related to one anther. As such, products are developed as a system, tand our modular approach focuses on parts that can be used in multiple contexts, to simplify the system while providing a maximum range of functionality. OSE Developers work in Project Teams, which are selected by HR and have open boundaries. HR continuously recruits new contributors, advisors, and SMEs to the project. By working transparently, any team member can find out immediately what any other team member is doing by going to their Work Log, which also leads to a Project Page for that contributor's project. The Development Spreadsheet is set up for every project and module. The Roadmap reflects the current OSE critical path. The main goal of the development process is to produce a highly effective, lightweight product development infrastructure that can be replicated by many people and organizations.


Process Rationale