One Person CEB Operation

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Regarding CEB - for a one person operation this ergonomic setup may be quite satisfactory:

  1. Get 100 feet of rollers - so ejected bricks slide onto them to a wall that you're building.
  2. Run a fully automatic machine
  3. You as a single tractor operator load the CEB hopper with the tractor. Keep going until you produce 200 bricks.
  4. Get off the tractor after 15-20 minutes, turn off the machine- and lay bricks in wall. That should take 1-2 hours.
  5. Get on tractor again, for more soil loading.

So, every 2 hours or so you produce another batch of bricks, and could possibly produce/lay 1000 bricks per day if you get really good at it. Thus, a solid house would take several days at this rate, in terms of brick production/laying.