Open Bidding Collaboration Architecture

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Simplest implementation:

  • Draw up Requests for Bids/Proposals (RFPs). These must be significant enough that visible and substantial progress is made on OSE work - but they must be small enough that they are clearly defined.
  • Crowd RFPs - by breaking these into the smallest tasks possible, these become shareable as social media discussions and requests. See Chunkworks.
  • Bidders review RFPs and submit Open Bids. Open process allows anybody to upload work product to the OSE Wiki. All work is submitted under the current CC-BY-SA license. Open sharing of results encourages others to collaborate and build upon each others' work. Bids are logged simply as entries on wiki pages.
  • Donations are shown in a funding basket icon.
  • Crowds vote for the winner. Judging criterion: quality of product AND quality of collaboration. When two comparable results are proposed, the one which showed more collaboration wins. Collaboration is assessed by how much a person borrowed from other bidders, and how much of their work was adopted by others.

Words of Inspiration

We need you and we need suggestions on who to reach out to for bidding. The key is getting reputable people to work with us - which encourages crowd funders to contribute. We should make this really inclusive and Open Bidding style as in above graphic. We can change the world with this. I think the key is to inspire by encouraging contributions, which encourage further funding in real time - a viral effect that funds any good open source project. I think this is the paradigm for the next economy.