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  • We pulled all guns after the first week, not recognizing that all the effort should be prepared for the very first day. This was a bad mistake, and we would have likely gotten more momentum had we put all the effort into the first day. This is simply how Kickstarter works: one third funding on the first few days, 1/3 on he last few (as we did), and the last 1/3 from all the remaining days. The end time of the Kickstarter marks a typical trend - but according to our first couple days - we were deemed to not make it. We made it nonetheless.
  • About 100k video plays on Kickstarter, and 16k on YouTube as of 6/18
  • The e-book reward was overwhelmingly popular: a little more than 1/2 of all the backers in number, though only 17% of all the raise: