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Open Design - design methodology where technical specifications, blueprints, and all other economically-significant, supporting information are developed collaborativly and are published openly with zero access barriers to both the results and the process.

This includes different levels at the product, process, and enterprise levels:

  1. Open hardware, OSHWA compliant
  2. Open software at all levels, from firmware to platform - FSF or OSI compliant
  3. Open source operations manual - disclosing details of Enterprise Operations
  4. Open Source Supply Chain - including vendors, sources, and Approved Vendors List with MOQ and delivery time information, regionally adapted
  5. Open source Collaborative Marketing Strategy - product marketing knowhow. This involves running events in parallel in a number of locations, such that all members are encouraged to collaborate on a publicity strategy and push
  6. Open Educational Resources - training materials pursuant to the Open Content Definition