Open Enterprise Assets Specifications

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  • Must use open source solutions

Open enterprise assets should include:

  • Specific tasks defined for execution
  • Automation wherever possible
  • Best practices are defined. Best practices are adapted to the specific enterprise. Follows best practices.
  • Specific time and cost of execution is detailed
  • Modular design - tasks are designed to be as simple as possible
  • Open source automation tools are produced. If tools don't exist, they are developed.
  • Localization whenever possible to different areas of the world.
  • Maintainers are identified for specific aspects of the Operations Manual. Commitment is that any maintainer agrees to publish openly, and not withhold information. Maintainers could be several per topic, and they have Distributivity Ranking - via public vote - for how well they nurture the distribution of information.

Collaborative Marketing Website

  • Contributors are featured on other sites based on their product reviews and based on their Distributivity Ranking