Open Recruiting Guidelines

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  • We have an open recruiting process. All project staff and volunteers - and anyone else in the world - are encouraged to bring new people into the organization as on-site or remote collaborators. The process is intended to be absolutely transparent to facilitate the interview process, external review, and the on-boarding process.
  • Any new candidates - paid and volunteer - are required to start with a preliminary message of interest - the Open Application. This includes a Video-of-Interest submission. OSE Staff will review this preliminary application within 48 hours.
  • Anyone applying for a Dedicated Project Visit follows the DPV Application Steps.
  • People who bring a person into the project as staff, dedicated project visitors, or Content Contributors are awarded the Recruiter Badge.
  • Any stay (staff or Dedicated Project Visit) at Factor e Farm begins with a 2 week trial period, and evaluation is made at the end of the month and quarter.
  • People applying for paid positions begin with