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- A place where people can go and watch immersive films + shows

- Mainly a Bunch of booths with Open Source AR Headsets

Used For

- Movie theatre like AR Film Expirence

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Cheap enough for it to be considered worth it ($1-10 a good quality AR film 30 min - 240 min)

- Sanitary (sanitize all headphones and headphones between each use)

- Lag + Bug Free (no one likes these when trying to relax/have fun)

Basic Design

Check in + Ticket Area

- Sells tickets

- Sells over the counter nausia medications (for VR associated motion sickness if some people are really sensitive this may be neccisary, not most people though)

- Sells Food + Drink

- Sells mobile + cardboard headsets for home use

- Sels Copies of VR Films for Home Use

Theatre Booths

- A roomscale play area sized "cubicle style area" (not walled in but with dividers)

- Anywhere from 10x-1000x per theatre

- Each will have the following

- A label for booth allocation
- An optional curtain for those who feel awkward being in a headset where they can't see if someone is watching them
- A high quality desk/gaming chair
- An AR Headset on a nice wall mounted stand or desktop stand
- A High Quality Pair of Headphones on a nice wall mounted stand or desktop stand
- Sanitary Wipes (staff wil do this on all surfaces in between users for sanitary reasons)
- A Trash Can
- Review/Survey Forms/Tablet for feedback

Server Room

- Commercial Grade Networking for streaming all the movies at max resolution with no lag

- Commercial Quality NAS Unit, Can also store movies etc



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