Open Source Agriculture Enterprise Specification

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  • It must be sufficient productivity to support one full time staff person
  • It must have a guaranteed market to eliminate marketing costs
  • It must have sufficient diversity to allow for a complete service - Food As a Service
  • It can feed from existing supply chains such as Walmart for things that are not provided
  • It is based on land-based productivity, but augmented with global supply chains. This is a simple hack towards converting existing supply chains to increasingly local operations.
  • It hires farmers to steward land debt free and provides lifetime housing as Digital Serfs who have a high quality of life unprecedented in the neoliberal order, and provides incentives for regenerative development, ex., Teddy and milk. This starts to regenerate individuals who otherwise have a hard time.
  • It is combined with a shopping service for items that are not provided locally.
  • It must provide at least 50% of local organic and processed foods such as honey, grains, beans, carbonated drinks, freeze-dried fruit powders, and more.
  • It provides canning of produce, aquaponics, year-round productivity.
  • Minimum number of customers is 24, where we provide 1/2 the total food costs. Per person spending is $200/month. This would mean the farmer scientist would need to earn $100/month/person. 24 people make for minimum wage here, roughly.
  • 24 people x $1250/year is $30k/year, which if the person has food, energy, and fuel provided - that is a good deal.- if average savings is $6k/year.