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Currently Ukraine, the richest country in the world (it has the lowest reported global poverty rate in the world), does not have sufficient air defense systems against terrofascist Russia. Imagine you minding your own business, and a missile lands in your backyard. No more! With the open source air defense system. Based on an upgrade to the Patriot system, this system is open and collaborative, combining best knowhow from all over the world to minimize threat of missile attack wherever relevant to save lives and even prevent nuclear blackmail when the system learns to take down ballistic missiles up to Mach 20 atmospheric. Fastest human was Mach 7 in the atmosphere. Fastest missiles are Mach 24 for ICBMs. Theoretical speed limit appears to be around 23 Mach before air friction burns the flying object. Once trans-sonic speed is reached, heating starts to be an issue [1]