Open Source Appropriate Technology Literature Review

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1 Topic Journals
2 Literature Review
2.1 Appropriate Technology
2.1.1 Open Design-Based Strategies to Enhance Appropriate Technology Development
2.1.2 Overcoming Technical Constraints for Obtaining Sustainable Development with Open Source Appropriate Technology
2.1.3 Teaching Physics Using Appropriate Technology Projects
2.1.4 Virtues of Mundane Science
2.1.5 The Rise and Fall of the Appropriate Technology Movement in the United States, 1965 - 1985
2.1.6 Appropriate Technology Needs Political Push
2.1.7 Soft Tech/Hard Tech, Hi Tech/Lo Tech: A Social Movement Analysis of Appropriate Technology
2.1.8 Appropriate Technology: Tools, Choices and Implications
2.1.9 Science and Technology for Development
2.1.10 Finding New Routes in Old Paths: Linking Cultural Needs to Technical Knowledge – Appropriate Technology Inspires Developing Societies Concept, Controversy and Clarification
2.1.11 The AT reader: theory and practice in appropriate technology
2.2 Innovation and Openness
2.3 Knowledge Commons and Open Access
2.4 Open Source
2.5 Open Source Appropriate Technology
2.5.1 Leveraging Information Technology, Social Entrepreneurship and Global Collaboration for Just Sustainable Development
2.5.2 Addressing Global Health Inequities: An Open Licensing Approach for University Innovations
2.5.3 Finding Cures for Tropical Diseases: Is Open Source an Answer?
2.5.4 Open Source as appropriate technology for global education
2.5.5 Open-Source Software Development and Distributed Innovation
2.6 Openness and the solar industry
3 See also