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This webinar will cover: (1) Taking assets from the Feb. 3 webinar in SweetHome 3D format and converting them to FreeCAD. The goal is to take advantage of FreeCAD workflows for design features more powerful than the basic SweetHome 3D platform. The advantage of SweetHome is ease of use - and the advantage of FreeCAD is more capability, such as performing exploded part diagrams and thermal calculations. (2)Taking FreeCAD assets and converting them to WebGL. This allows for the embedding 3D design into websites, and manipulating 3D designs within the web browser. (3) Using BIM functionality and the architecture workbench in FreeCAD. (4) Using FreeCAD workflows to generate accurate models, including importing of rough designs from Blender. (5) Producing floor plans in SweetHome 3D and FreeCAD. (6) Using Blender to do realistic renderings of FreeCAD and Sweet Home 3D assets.