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OSE experience says that dumb consumers are not a good ingredient for democracy.

OSE is committed to education and production. Products should educate people.

OSE envisions post scarcity economics achieved through availing open source microfactories - places like Walmart - except you go there to produce. With AI and automation, this can literally be turned into a video game, as in part you do physical work, and in part you run FPV devices via remote control to do tasks.



The OSE CEB press can press 10 block per minute on 20 gpm flow. That is about 5000 block per 8 hour day. Thi is serious industrial productivity on a small scale that can shift dialogue to community integration, as opposed to polarization.

5000 block is worth $5k-10k compared to industry standards. A standard brick is 59 cents. Here we have a block that is 4x larger in volume (280 cu in vs 66 cu in) than a standard brick.uu If we compare to 1 dollar, then we have 5k dollar generation per day. That is 25 wall panels, or 500 sf house. Automate and press 24u7u.