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  • Part of the Open Source Textile Construction Set
  • A device that braids together at least 3 threads/strings/ropes/wires/cables
  • Is electric, and spools the cable automatically
  • It can also be monitored and computer controlled

Used For

  • Production of Braided Rope
  • Production of Braided Wire

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

  • Modular
  • Expandable from a desktop unit to an industrial one
  • Anywhere from 3 spool inserts
  • Durable (CNC Cut/Milled Metal, Metal Extrusions, Durable 3D Printed Componets, and Low Friction Contact Points)
  • Efficient
  • Produces a Quality Product (A tight braid)
  • Auto Tensioning
  • Either Computer or Network Controlled (Also has basic self control (like a 3D Printer)
  • Develop a dedicated software

Basic Design


  • Use Aluminium T Slot Extrusions and Aluminium or Steel sheet Metal to make a square frame
  • Can be made stackable

Main Mechanism

  • See The first "Existing Open Source Design" to develop the mechanism
  • This version will use durable parts coated in a low friction material however
  • Tolerances are key to prevent wobble
  • Has One (Or More) (Servo)Motor(s)

Input Spool Holders

  • Similar to a FDM 3D Printder Filament Spool Holder, but with a bearing to help at high speeds
  • At least 3 of these

Output Spool Holder

  • Same as the "Input Spool Holder" , but larger, and with a connection to the tensioning assebly

Tensioning assembly

  • Uses a combination of a (Servo?)motor, (a CNC Axis?), and possibly a load cell to coil the produced product as well as maintain and measure tension

Control Module

Power Module

  • Uses DC and/or AC Power Inputs to Distribute Power to all other componets
  • Connects to the IO Panel
  • Also handles surge protection, and power outage detection

IO Panel

  • Has the USB C DC Power In, An AC Power In, and Ethernet/USB/SD Card in


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