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Funny you should ask :) I've been looking up a bunch of this type of thing for the business chapter of the book. The things I've found so far don't quite hit the nail on the head, but might work as jumping off points:

The stuff here are the most informative posts I've found - though the post from Lars includes NC, which is not open source, though I've pointed this out and he is working on a revision.

I'm working my way through some of Eric vonHipple's work to on Democratizing Innovation, though there aren't direct business models in it.

Work on Open Source Business Models


  • Distributive Enterprise
  • A proven business model in software is proprietary code on top of an open source base, sold as a service - "And Levine says that Facebook is the biggest open source software company of them all. "I was shocked when I realized this, and Google probably is the second biggest," he says." - from [1] (a further example, many universities use OpenED as a backbone for online courses, OpenXR is becoming a backbone for VR/MR/AR )