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Dear Karolis,

Thanks so much for your offer.

Are you familiar with CEB Construction?

Can you design a CEB house similar to the work of the Cohabitat Group? Would you like to work together with Pawel of Cohabitat? We have discussed producing professional quality blueprints for an open source CEB house, so I am looking for synergy. I don't know the status of that, Pawel, can you fill us in on your cunning plan?

Pawel already has excellent strawbale designs that are open source, and I'd like to see a straw-CEB hybrid, perhaps where we use hammermilled straw in a thick cavity between two walls.

We plan on building a nice CEB house this year. Please look at all the CEB construction posts on the Blog - starting with the modular CEB workshop.

So everything is taking off, I'd be glad to have you on the team. Please fill out our Survey to introduce yourself to the rest of our Team.


Dear Karolis! ;-)

We've already started workin over two open-source small houses... personally I work over nanoHabitat - you can check it here: My friend architect, who was inspired by our talk with Marcin day after Cohabitat Gathering ( ) Adam Dudko started to work over small CEB cabin - about 25 square meters.

At the moment Im at the site where we are starting workshops 29 of aprlil - we gonna build nanoHabitat :-)) Whole documentation will be released! :) Maybe we can collaborate and do some workshops together next year ? :))) Cohabitat Gathering in 2012 will rock! :) You are invited ! :) Marcin will be there ! :) I promise ! :D

All the best :)