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- Part of the Open Source Computer Componets Construction Set

- A componet placed on a motherboard that allows a CPU with piuns to be inserted without the use of solder

- Allows for a PC to be far more modular than soldering a CPU to the motherboard

Used For

- Open Source Computer Construction Set

- Open Source Server + Networking Construction Set

Industry Standards

- Intel and AMD both have various proprietary standards

Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Secure (suitible for applications with high vibration/shock such as laptop PC's)

- Durable

- High Bandwith

Basic Design


- Array of Pins + PCB connections on the bottom

Locking Arms

- Parts that come down and hold the CPU in place

- Should have a redundant locking mechanism


- Structual surrounding part



See Also

- Open Source PC Motherboard

- Open Source CPU

- Open Source FPGA

Useful Links

- Wikipedia Page on CPU Sockets with a Good List of Standards