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  • A passive method of stabalising a camera via ergonomic design
  • May also make holding a large connected setup easier
  • Essentially a wheel/polygon around a Camera Cage, or camera screw mount/clip adapter
  • Simple to make and use, yet rather effective\

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

  • 3D printed, Metal, and PVC Pipe Versions
  • Modular (Size variations, mount type, and optional handles (of varying styles via a slot)

Basic Design

Outer Ring

  • Either a circle or hexagon type shape
  • Can be tubing beams or bars
  • Welded bolted, or glued together (3D Printed connectors may work too)

Bridge Beam

  • Usually one diameter like beam, or two smaller ones leading to a camera cage
  • The single beam is more modular and is probably the better option
  • HOWEVER this beam could perhaps becume a module in itself
  • Perhaps a slider to allow for centering as well



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