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On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 1:22 AM, prakashgautam94 at gmail dot com wrote:

Dear Marcin,

I am Prakash Gautam from Nepal. I have been running Gautam Dairy Sale Center in my area for 2 years near to Sauraha one of the world famous Jungle Safari. As I came to know about organic dairy I became so exited to learn more about organic dairy and livestock. I am a student of science I have passed 12 classes in this subject and working in my own dairy business. There are no any institutions where I can learn about organic dairy and livestock. I have zeal interest on organic dairy so I would like to come there to learn and share about organic dairy as an intern. I am thinking to convert my business as organic dairy which will be first in Nepal. I am also interested in organic cheese production. Nepal has tremendous probability of organic agriculture. Dairy is one of the main component of agriculture with out animal husbandry we could not do organic farming. This kind of training will be helpful for me to grow my business after returning from there. I have ambition to be a first organic dairy businessman in Nepal if you could give me opportunity. Therefore, I would like to request you to provide me such opportunity and hope you will consider on my request.

Thank you very much for you kind cooperation,

I look forward to hearing your kind response,


Prakash Gautam / Chitwan, Tandi / Nepal


Dear Prakash,

We have a small flock of goats that we milk by hand, so I'm not sure if we are qaulified to teach you. However, we are developing a complete village economy, and we will be developing an open source dairy as part of our work. That means that we document our methods and economic models openly, such that others can replicate them freely by reducing their barriers to entry.

If you would like to be involved in such development work for world-changing open business models, then we welcome your participation here. In that case, that means that we're developing the open business model together as partners. Let me know what you think.