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  • A Machine Similar to a Die Sink EDM Machine , but optimized for drilling long thin holes
  • This is done via flowing fluid through a nozzle in the end of the "Drill Rod", if circular it is also rotated to maintain an even cut
  • Main Advantages Are:
    • No Pressure is Exerted on the surface, so even on a curved surface such as a sphere or Fillet , the drill will not "stray"
    • Hardness Doesn't Matter, all that matters is that the material is Electrically Conductive
    • High Aspect Ratios Don't Matter (Very Small Diameter, Yet Very Deep, Yet No Fear of the Drill Snapping)
    • Speed: "It can make a hole 2,5 cm deep in about a minute" (Again through any conductive material , no real need to adjust Feeds and Speeds )
    • High Tolerances

Existing Open Source Designs

"Applied Science" 's Video + Design

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