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For a description of the name, Open Source Ecology - check out our initial legacy site for OSE from back in 2004 - go to Mission at the left bar.



Other Discussion

heathmatlock: it still doesn't make sense to me after reading that :)

an open source version of social ecology: makes no sense...

looking at @ definition of industrial ecology... an open source version of ""systems-based, multidisciplinary discourse that seeks to understand emergent behaviour of complex integrated human/natural systems" makes no sense to me either :)

and then concerning natural ecology, i'm assuming biological systems... which ecology in that sense is the stufy of biological systems and the environment which they live in.

an open source version of that is confusing to me

anyway, i know you and i are thinking along the same lines in terms of open sourcing the means of production and basically anything else that makes sense to open source

Marcin: Ecology is 'keeping of house' by etymology. Open Source Keeping of House, where the house is the entire planet in today's interconnected world.

Heath: heathmatlock: now that makes sense :0

Now if i can find this definition :) says 'the study of habitation/house/dwelling place'

Marcin: Dwelling Place = House