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Open Source Franchise is one of the development steps of Template:Enterprise - OSE's Enterprise Development Template.


What is it? Nobody knows. It doesn't exist yet.

But what do we want it to be? OSE envisions collaboratively-developed, Distributive Enterprises which, like in the Linux model - share a common kernel.

The resulting enterprise blueprints can be downloaded for free. A stewarding org such as OSE proves out the business model, and provides access to rapid learning resources.

For the purposes of the OSE Franchise model, defining it means describing in as much detail as possible the relationship, terms, and conditions between OSE and producers who engage in a given Distributive Enterprise. This icludes the OSE License - the terms defining the relationship between OSE and other startup entrepreneuers.


To develop an Open Source Franchise for a product - we need an agreement of how this works. A franchise is a Distributive Enterprise, so it must be structured like one. To develop an Open Source Franchise, we essentially must develop all the terms for how it operates - essentially an operations manual - that includes critical document such as contract terms, agreements between franchise operator and franchisees. All done while publishing everything openly, so that it has a potential to swell.

Say we are developing an open source franchise for a 3d printed electric motor.

Some properties of this are:

  1. Transformation of structural evil to benign: distributing production from centralized to distributed, doing the 80-20 Shift
  2. Creating closed loop material cycles via the Circular Economy
  3. Robustifying supply chains and production in general
  4. Leapfrogging with technology and leveling the playing field.


You're absolutely right. It's impossible until it becomes possible. Would you like to be part of the team that makes it possible?

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