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About Distributed Production Enterprises

The application of interest is an open source franchise. The last unsolved frontier of human economics is that of distribution. Thus, any enterprise that distributes productive wealth and truly lowers the Gini Coefficient is worthy of the next Nobel Peace Prize. Anything that does not contribute to wealth distribution does not move the dial on attaining Self-Determination of the populace. With this in mind, we develop open source franchises that pursue collaborative development for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance.

  1. Product value proposition - how is this 10x better?
  2. Revenue Projections and Growth - towards Distributed Market Substitution as the specific goal.
  3. Production facility layout and design - specific designs for receiving, inventory, packing, shipping.
  4. Production Engineering - optimized processes of production, using techniques that lend themselves to distributed manufacturing
  5. Production Optimization - ongoing evolution of product for easier build
  6. Marketing
  7. Sales - website, amazon, ebay, etsy
  8. Sales partnerships - collaborating with other companies via Collaborative Marketing with similar organizations such as SparkFun, Adafruit Industries, etc.
  9. Franchise Agreements - legal contracts for collaborators
  10. Product Promotional Materials - product vidoes
  11. Product Brochure - 1-pager for passing out during speeches, to participants, etc. Done via the OSE Plotter, laser engraver, and other bootstrap infrastructure.
  12. Inventory System - automated scanning to keep track of inventory parts - source, processed, ready for packing.
  13. Manufacturing System - design of fabrication infrastructure based on 100% open source toolchains.