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- Part of the Open Source Computer Componets Construction Set

- An abbreviation for Graphics Processing Unit

- This is more acurateley a video card (since it has memory as well as a GPU etc...) but the names are used near interchangibly

- Takes the data and converts it into a signal that a Display can understand

- Also has ports for said display

- Can also be used for graphics acceleration of certain tasks such as photo editing or deep learning

Used For

- Open Source Computer Construction Set

- Open Source Server + Networking Construction Set

Industry Standards

- Low End (Nvidia GTX 1050/1050Ti)

- Medium End (Nvidia GTX 1080Ti)

- High End (Nvidia Titan XP/V)

- Ultra-High End (Nvidia Quadro P6000)

Existing Open Source Designs

- Open Graphics Project

Minimum Viable Product

- High Processing Power (Multiple 1080p screens at a high refresh rate/fps minimum)

- Uses standard power + motherboard connections

- Overclockable

- Modular Cooling (ie can be air cooled, water cooled, phase change, or cryogenic liquid cooled)

Basic Design

Silicon Wafer






See Also

- Open Graphics Project

Useful Links

- Wikipedia Page on Graphics/Video Cards (GPU's)

- Open Graphics Project