Open Source Gas Burner Torch

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- A basic torch that burns a gas such as propane, methane, or hydrogen

- Used primarily for metal furnaces and forges, as well as ceramic or glass kilns

- This one uses no air supply; only a fuel supply

- Gas is drawn in from the rear by the flow of the gas, and later the flow generated by the combusting gas

Used For

- Furnaces

- Forges

- Kilns (glass or ceramic)

- A really good BBQ (see this for a good idea)

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs

- "The King of Random" 's Design

- "Paul's Garage / "Oliver Upwind" Design"

Minimum Viable Product

- Super Easy to Produce

- Very Inexpensive

- High Temperature

Basic Design

- Same as the existing open source designs, but maybe put a valve on the air intake for easy adjustment



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