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- A rocket engine that uses the propulsion of ionized gas via electromagnets etc. to achieve thrust

- Has the highest specific impulse (exluding very sci-fy designs like anti-matter catylized fusion nuclear pulse propulsion etc)

- Is useful only in space

- Great as an orbital control system, or as a deep space vehicle's propulsion system

- Uses a single fuel, which is sadly typically Xenon Gas, which is great (due to it's high mass), but it is also quite rare/expensive

- Some use Argon Gas, which may be a nice alternative

Used For

- Open Source Spacecraft Construction Set

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Extremely Specific Impulse as Possible

- As low of electrcity consumption as possible

- As Cheap as Possible

Basic Design




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Useful Links

- Wikipedia Page on Ion Thrusters Engines