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- A Phone Holder for VERY basic Mobile VR

- Is only a holder, with no intigrated electronics (Such as tracking) unlike the Open Source Phone Based Mobile VR Headset

Used For

- 3DOF VR Content Consumtion (MOBILE VR games, 3DOF Movies, 3DOF Photos)

- As a stereo FPV Display

Industry Standards

- Google Cardboar Official (Low Quality ones ie actual cardboard or plastic with no strap)

- Homindo V2, a nice plastic one with straps and lens adjustments

Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Feild of View greater than or equal to 90 degrees

- PSVR/Halo style Head Mount

- Flip Up Display for saftey / ease of use

- Modular Design

- IPD + Focus Adjustments either by manual adjustment or by inputting measurements which tell the servos to do the rest

- Room For Glasses

Basic Design

=Phone Holder Module

- A slot for a phone with a large clamp

Lens + Lens Adjustment Module

- Has the two lenses (one for each eye), as well as the mechanism for adjusting them

- They are adjusted using servo motors

- These are controlled either by an inserted measurement, or by using dials on the headset itself

Joint Module

- Allows the display module to be flipped 90 degrees up

Head Strap Module

- PSVR Halo / rEvolve Style Mount

- Also has Removable Fabric Covered Memory Foam Inserts (Use a slide in dovetail joint)

IO Module

- Uses one or more USB Type C, or USB-C + Thunderbolt 3, Cables + Ports to power the headset as well send data to and from it and the PC



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