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- "Green Sand" is a name given to a mixture of sand, clay, and water used for metal casting

- It is ridgid, but can be made into molds with enough pressure

- this is a TEMPORARY mold however

- It still is usefull for a quick cast or two

- A good way to think of it is like how you make sand castles, if too dry it crumbles, if to wet it is slop, but if just right it can be compacted into a ridgid form

- It is used in the Open Source Green Sand Casting Box

Used For

- Metal Casting

Basic Design


- Strained, and Dried

- "Aquarium Sand" is a good cheap accessible source


- Finely Powderized, Strained, and Dried

- Pure Clay Cat Litter in a coffee grinder, or ball mill is a good cheap source


- Any potable water is fine, mineral content is fine (ie DI or distilled isn't neccissary)


- 15-30% Clay

- 85-70% Sand

- Mist with water until proper consistency

See Also


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