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User:Eric 's Rant/Preface

  • SO this is still early works etc, i mainly need a place to dump links + info
  • essentially this will be for custom controllers for games, rc vehicles, weird types of mice, accessibility stuff, and any sort of HID device that is either two niche to be mass produced, something "enthusiast/pro grade" (ie for rc people by rc people etc), or a mix of both
  • Also applying all of ose's concepts to all this, and perhaps some module integration

Needs/Potential Issues Etc

  • Custom PCB's (done via oci, so good outside of dev time)
  • Target Audience Feedback/Requirents (Use existing polls and do some social media stuff)
  • Switches etc
    • For buttons and keys the mechanical keyboard community, and OTS smd mechanical switches should cover that
    • Main issue is the "weirder" stuff:
      • Joysticks (rotary encoders and whatnot)
      • Touchpads

Consists Of

Accessibility Stuff

  • Essentially a pc system similar to what xbox/windows did for the xbox, and perhaps a software suite for integrating these, if there isn't an open source one already
  • Most likely incomplete list, and the use cases are VERY customized, but:
    • Eye tracker
    • Various placeable buttons
    • Joysticks
    • BCI/EEG ports etc?
    • Air pressure sensor + blow straw
    • Tounge Switch
    • Faster keyboards (autocomplete and/or phrase based etc)

Game Stuff

  • Open Source Arcade Machines
  • A "Melee Board" essentially a seperate keyboard like board, but with arcade machine like io
  • A "Melee Controller" (doing some polling about this) many enthusiasts of games like "super smash bro's" etc use old, long discontinued controllers
    • These are discontinued, thus very expensive new/used due to rarity
    • Also parts are hard to find and repairs are difficult
    • Ports change so adapter boxes are made or needed
    • Also various diy mods would be made easy with swappable modules
    • There ARE some off the shelf devices, but they are ~200 USD each, and are not easily fixable etc
  • A PC controller like the "steam controller". those who had it loved it, but it proved too niche to produce so it is no longer produced, yet still used etc
  • Open Source HOTAS
  • Open source simulator rigs (cars, planes, rockets, etc) (if high enough grade this could be used for actual training etc?)

RC Stuff

"Standard IO"

  • Open Source Keyboard (design an open source switch design, pcb, or perhaps pcb design tool (numpad y/n width etc)
  • Open Source Mice
  • Open Source TRACKBALL mice ( User:Eric here, i have a logiteech m570 and love it to bits but it could be optimized a bit (scroll wheel clickyness, and dust buildup in the bearings, and on-mouse buttons
  • 3D/CAD Mouse (these are supposedly VERY useful, yet as of now only the "spacemouse" seems to be the commercial option, yet it is very expensive (most likely due to economy of scale etc)

Handheld Melee Controller Stuff

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