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Lists of Open Hardware Projects

  • OSHWA certification directory - [1]
    • OSHWA blog - [2]
  • Docubricks open hardware documentation - [3]
  • Project OPEN! Directory -
  • Open Hardware Repository from CERN - [4]
  • P2P Foundation Open Hardware respository - [5]
  • IPFS directory - [6]
  • Arduino shield list - [7]
  • FOSS wiki directory - [8]
  • Make Zine Open Hardware tag - [9]
  • Crowd Supply open hardware. Electronics only - [10]
  • HardwareX open source hardware papers - [11]
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to Open Source Hardware - [12]
  • Gathering for Open Science Hardware - [13]
  • Shuttleworth Foundation projects - [14] - flash grants - [15]
  • GOSH map for open science projects by Julieta Arancio - [16]
  • Makernet Survey of Design Sharing Projects - 2019 - [17]

Open Sourcing

  • Making Society list of hardware stores- [18]

Project Repos



  • Bunnie's blog -
  • China open source with Erik Pan - [22]
  • POC21 - [23]

How to Design

  • Scientific equipment - Pearce group - [24]

Project Open!

Dear friends of our project “Open!”,

I am pleased to introduce the “Observatory of Open Source Hardware”, a project aiming at: · monitoring the emergent field of open source hardware · maintaining an Open Source Hardware Directory, that is, a curated list of complex open source hardware products · reporting on the openness of the products listed in this directory · generating a corpus of data for research on open source hardware · support exchange of best practices between practitioners · fuelling the public debate around open source hardware

From now on, we can report on more than 150 projects we assessed with the open-o-meter and we will continue documenting more products along their creation. The project is hosted for the moment by our French-German research project “Open! – methods and tools for community-based product development.” He hope to make this initiative durable through a stable organisation which should survive time allocated to this project.

Of course, we adhere to the philosophy that distributed work in communities is more efficient than a one-man-effort. The Open Source Hardware Directory is therefore an open database. All information on this site is published under a CC-BY license and contributions are welcome. If you know products matching the selection criteria which are not referenced in the directory so far, feel free to add them. Additionally, should some information be missing or be incorrect, you have full permission to edit these.

Through this initiative, we hope we can contribute to the further development of open source hardware and to the settlement of a constructive public debate about it. We would be more than happy to get feedback, so don’t hesitate getting in touch with us! The development of the open access database is still work in progress, so if you have any proposition for improvement, don’t hesitate to tell us.

All the best, Jérémy