Open Source Heating Mantle

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Used For

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

  • Safe (IE no exposed mains power, or exposed heating elements)
  • Have the first on built to a 1L Capacity Round Bottom Flask, but have the desigm be scalable
  • AC or DC Power Inputs
  • Fast
  • Efficient (As Possible of Course)

Basic Design

Power Supply

  • Takes in the AC or DC power and converts it down to what the circuit works off of

Control Panel

  • Arduino/Rasberry Pi can monitor the temperature and adjust accordingly
  • Add dials and a cheap LCD for interface

Heating Componets

  • Nichrome wire around some sort of insulator
  • Custom Ceramic, or a Fiber Ceramic, maybe both?


  • 3D Printed Box all the above componets fit in


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