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  • OSE's Open Source, Modular Hydronic System in use by OBI
  • Currently is focused only on heating (Double check this)
  • Uses the Hydronic Stove as a heat source
    • Is solar thermal water panels also included yet (need to look/ask around)

Potential Future Areas Of Work

On Cooling Addition

On Geothermal Heat Pump integration

Combining the system with a hot water storage tank

  • All heat (from the Hydronic Stove, a solar thermal panel, waste heat, etc) is "fed in" to a tank of the working fluid
  • This can then be used directly, or be used to heat air, water, or another fluid
  • Also may allow for some Thermal Energy Storage
  • Heat exchangers, and most likely custom tanks would make this quite complex
    • It may help with modularity, compact-ness, and efficiency

Open Source Hydronic Design


3D With Explosions and Part Links

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Hydronics Install Prior to Stove Connection

Simple hydronic circuit for both 1/2" in-floor lines (1000 feet in a single zone) + a wall radiator outlet (3/4" tube) using oxygen barrier PEX. Parts cost of $500 approximately for the hydraulics control panel - $100 pump, $100 divider valve, fittings, gauges.


Prior to In-Floor Tubing Connection


In-Ground Heat Tubing Install


Prepare to Put in Wood Floor

Floor will be stained 1"x4" lumber on 2"x4" rails



Warm feet.


Discuss This!

Industry Standards

  • $4600 - 20 year warranty - Glenwood 7020 - [1]
  • $3600 - 5 year warranty - says Gasifier type - water heat exchange medium - Slovak import - [2]
  • $3500 - Biasi - [3] - Remaining exhaust heat is given-up in a wide finned, self-cleaning passageway before exiting the boiler.

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