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- A device that uses the joule thompson effect for cryocooling

- A compressor compresses the gas stream, this adds heat. The heat is then taken away by cooling the compressed gas stream. Once it is cooled it is depresurreized and that heat is lost bringing its temperature down further. this gas is then fed back through until it is liquidified.

- This is mainly for the production of liquid gasses, not instrument cooling

Used For

- Medium-large scale liquid gas production

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs

- This instructable + their website linked in it

Minimum Viable Product

- As cheap to produce as reasonably possible

- Durable

- Effective

- As energy efficient as reasonably possible

Basic Design

Gas Intake Module

- Takes in an uncompresses / moderately compressed gas stream

- It then cleans and dries it to ensure that it doesnt cause probems in th system

Compression Module

- This uses a compressor, such as a diving tank compressor, to compress the pure gas stream to very high pressure

Cooling Module

- This cools the compressed gas stream using an ice bath or modified refrigerator

Expansion Module

- This either uses a nozzle, or a turbine (turboexpander) to decompress the gas stream

Sorting Module

- This seperates the liquidified gas from the simply chilled gas

Regenerative Cooling Module

- This takes the gas that was cooled, but not liquuified, and adds it to the input gas stream

Liquid Temporary Storage

- This is a delwar that the sorting module empties the liquified gas into for temperary storage



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