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From Joshua -

Devin - Thank you for making us all aware of the Journal of Open Engineering. It sounds like a great concept - I will give it a try with our next big piece of open hardware for prototyping. Co-mingling pre-prints with the review is particularly appealing.

For all of those interested in this topic I thought I would share two other journals that might fit your open hardware needs that are a little more on the traditional front.

Elsevier has just launched HardwareX --

it is a fully open access microarticle journal meant specifically to publish open source scientific hardware. Requirements to publish include all the designs must be released under an open license either as part of the article itself of tied to a permanent link at the Open Science Framework.

It is supported by a $500 APC - the lowest we were able to negotiate (and is much better than the normal ~$3k depending on journal). The idea is that your normal scientific work will be supported by an OSH article providing everything another scientist needs to replicate and build on your experiment. In launching this - I think we can comfortably say -- OSH has gone mainstream in the sciences. HardwareX has the full support of the publisher (the largest) and is using their new Evise platform, which is pretty slick for submissions.It is open for submissions now.

In addition, Ubiquity Press, (the same people that publish the Journal of Open Research Software)

are planning to launch a broader open hardware journal this year covering all aspects and applications of open hardware. It will follow the same model with a low APC, be fully OA, and demand full OS documentation.

Thanks Joshua


I recommend the German Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek. Here is their subject index. If you are interested in just open access journals, just look at the green titles. EZB has the world largest collection of OA-journals. I always send the new titles I have found to them. But also to DOAJ and Open J-Gate. In these two you can search on article-level in EZB you just find journal titles.

My own list is here