Open Source Legal Violence

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Is there a case for collaborative design of military defense technologies such as radar, surveillance, air defense, ICBM, shells, etc? The intended purpose is to assist legitimate governments and entities. Risk mitigation must exist. Same tech in the hands of evil bastards. Ok, because the access is important, and collaborative design/build weeds out a lot of the evil because a complex product delivery ecosystem must exist based on collaboration among the masses. This question requires a clear solution. For one: open design is not equal to actual production. Complex infrastructures exist under that production. The OSE theory is that supporting the complexity would lead to an open source economy, so by introducing open warfare we have introduced the open source economy, subverting the former. Is this non-executable, a bad idea like communism? If we judge from the perspective of Affordabces, it is not a bad idea while a concept such as communism is a bad idea. Here is why...