Open Source Liquid Fuel Rocket (Hypergolic Variety)

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- A rocket engine that uses the burning of a liquid fuel and liquid oxidiser to produce thrust

- These require no ignitor, as as soon as the liquids touch they ignite

- Can be throttled, stopped, and restarted

- Unlike the Open Source Liquid Fuel Rocket (Fuel Oxydizer Variety), these can be started and stopped as long as there is fuel

- Useful both as a sea level booster, and as a high atmosphere/orbital rocket (albeit with nozzle modification etc.)

- Is extremely reliable

Used For

- Open Source Spacecraft Construction Set

Industry Standards


Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- Extremely High Thrust

- Extremely Reliable

- As Light as Possible

- As High of a Specific Impulse as Possible

- As Cheap as Possible

Basic Design




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Useful Links

- Wikipedia Page on Liquid Rocket Engines