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- A device used for large amounts of simple calculations

- Consists of various network swithces in a rack cabinet

Used For

- Centralized Banking

- Flight booking at an airport

- Large store checkout calculations

- E-commerce)

Industry Standards

- IBM Mainframes

Existing Open Source Designs


Minimum Viable Product

- As cheap and power efficient as possible, while still retaining high power and speed (ie a nice balance if you were to make a graph with the two as the x and y axis)

- Scalable to many formats/standards form sub GB ethernet all the way to 300 Gbit/s infiniband

- Low Latency

- Scalable from low users, to airport/concert level of users

- Optional Built in VPN, and Tor + any othe encryption capabilities

- Made in partenership with OCI and the Free Network Foundation

Basic Design

Rack Cabinet


Basic CPU Based Server Computer


1 GBE Swithch(s)


10 GBE Switch(s)


100 GBE Switch(s)


Infiniband Switch(s) (Coaxial Cable Variant)


Infiniband Switch(s) (Fiber Optic Cable Variant)



- ?x Satalite Modem(s)

- ?x Cellular (4g or 5g most likely) Modem(s)

- ?x Fiber Modem(s)

- ?x Coaxial Cable Modem(s)

- ?x DSL Modem(s)

- Network Aggregator(s)

Power Supply Units




See Also


Useful Links

- Wikipedia Page on Mainframe Computers

- Techquickie Video on Mainframe Computers