Open Source Modular Microfactory Construction Set

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Open source franchise for Microfactory in a Box that can be replicated readily anywhere in the world. Has printers, shredder/filament makers, high T printer, and large printer as the main package. Links to OSM STEAM Camp, and uses 100% open source toolchains. Comes with a building, 16'x16' that is milled from local lumber and planks. Combines carpentry and digital fabrication. Each microfactory module focuses on different groups of machines: (1) 3DP; (2) CNC torch; (3) screw machine (multipurpose heavy duty CNC machine with enclosure and cooling). (4) Welding and WAAM metal printing; (5) electronics; (6) ironworker and heavy metal cutting; (7) induction and metal casting of 3" billet rods + rolling to stock steel sections; (8) wire mills; (9) tool, die, air bearings lathe; (10) semiconductor manufacturing. Then there is Materials Facility - CEB, lumber, cement, glass. Material prep: shredder, ball mill, hammer mill, laimet chipper, pelletizer. Each improves over time.

  • From a marketing perspective is this "sellable?" Microfactory doesn't cover the other aspects:
    • Community Space
    • Trade School
    • Recycling Center
    • Business Incubator
    • Makerspace
    • etc