Open Source N95 Face Mask Conceptual Design

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To be printed in TPU for better seal and comfort at face. STL files [1]


Made test print versions of both the Billings MontanaMask and the SEAL study .stl files Does look like they will fit on the 150 cube bed! The SEAL is offset 2.85 mm from the surface of the MoontanaMask- this distance may need to be adjusted depending on material behavior. Wonder about the g-code setting 'spiralize contours' for this [2]


IMG 3895.jpg Philip Leete, my five legged dog cousin in Michigan, printed the entire MontanaMask.stl with this brand TPU material on a UP Mini, 0% infil for more flex [3] See Video [4] Maybe part of product is that we take them back/ people keep them and they are part of the shredder extruder STEAM CAMP

Material strength in disinfectant [5]