Open Source N95 Face Mask Industry Standards

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  • List of surgical masks - [1]
  • Evaluation of Montana Mask - TCO2 and SpO2 PCO2


Open Source

  • My Mask Movement - [3]
  • Project Carola. Open source hardware project - production of filter material as well? [4]
  • Billings Clinic - [5]
  • Sunlu - [6] - Jonathan like s it - [7]
  • Nanohack by Copper 3D
  • Cults 3D download - [8]
  • Iafactoria - [9]

Open Sourcish

  • Manu Prakash, NC license - [10]



Some Options

How to Sew One


  • N95 masks, called that because they filter out 95 percent of particles smaller than .3 microns, represent a tricky production problem. They must sit snug enough to create a seal and fit to the individual’s face. The masks consist of two layers of cloth with a piece of melt-blown polypropylene in between. The polypropylene is extruded at extremely small diameters, then settles and cools in a random pattern. The fibers are electrically charged, attracting particles while allowing air to pass through. - [12]