Open Source N95 Face Mask Requirements + Value Proposition

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Setting these requirements, we can then evaluate the best design.

  1. Can be 3D printed readily
  2. Has a replaceable filter
  3. Filter holder is modular - and different geometries of filter holder can be used to accommodate different filter material thicknesses and geometries
  4. Mask itself is cleanable
  5. Allows for use of any filter material
  6. Has a gasket around entire perimeter that allows air only through the intended filter material


  1. Likely candidate is plastic body (PETg or washable material) with elastomer (TPU) gasket
  2. Can be deployed to 5000 3D printers at the OSMS site

Advanced Features

  1. Mechanisms for cleaning:
    1. For example, extraction of filter and placement in an ozonation chamber?


  • Link to information regarding disinfectants: [1]
  • UV - is shaded by material, so can apply only to surface disinfection, not deep within a material
  • Ozone - as a gas, it has a chance to permeate a material for thorough cleaning
  • Alcohol, bleach - can give off powerful vapors to kill germs and permeate 3D prints, but also don't want to kill humans if vapors persist
    • don't think doctors would use it for equipment and wounds if it did
    • source that this would be bad? Doctors use hydroperoxide and alcohol sanitizers, the vapour goes away quite quickly from surface areas.

Based on these 3 considerations - ozone appears to be the optimal cleaner? Worthwhile to star Open Source Ozone Generator.

    • Ozone is not good to breath in either, especially bad for the lungs and airways as it reacts, irritates and damages the inner membranes. Is there a link about ozone against viruses? Read from a virologist who recommended 70% alcohol or 10% bleach for at least 15 minutes.