Open Source Panopticon Revenue Model

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How valuable would it be to have accesss to expertise and exciting development via an online cam, where a person works openly? This works for working openly, where people are focused on collaboration as opposed to trade secrets.

The idea is that one can pay for this by paying online, and the panopticoner shows up to engage. Otherwise, when no payment is made, others can simply watch, but not engage. What better form of advertising that showing one'se work transparently! And, using Jitsi, multiple channels can be created

The transparency of unpaid online presence serves as advertising. This would require a setup with efficient design of infrastructure so that one's presence is exciting and valuable.

This could be disruptive if it is on-call, so 2 price structures could be possible. One option for the panopticoner is a high price, something that few people would pay, for the panopticoner getting disturbed - or automatically scheduled calls at another time. We must consider not whittling away focused energy from the panopticoner. But if the panopticonee can pay up - they can disturb the panopticoner - so it works on both sides. Time and attention have significant value.

Here's a small experiment:


  • OnlyFans has a paywalled content model [1]