Open Source Piston Engine Conceptual Design

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  • This page is focused on pre-dev research on the Open Source Piston Engine
  • The Youtube Channel "Engineering Explained" has great information, and explanations on all sorts of engine related stuff, especially developing technologies

Emissions Contol

Piston/Combustion Chamber Layouts

  • Electronic valves - eliminates need for camshaft and rockers, allowing higher simplicity, and 30% efficiency gain.
  • DIY campless - [2]
  • Camless engines are not yet available, outside of some large diesels. [3] -from 2016, is this still relevant, looking into this right now

"Previous fully variable valve actuation engines use either electro-magnetic or electro-hydraulic to open the poppet valves.

Instead of using these actuator types, Freevalve uses electro-hydraulic-pneumatic actuators combined with advanced sensor techniques.

As a result, Freevalve has overcome all of the typical challenges faced by other cam-less techniques."

Free Piston

  • Free piston engine - drives a working fluid directly, without crankshaft XMpP&sig=Ajz06elbtD8LeNBc7NGlPnsvD8o&hl=en&sa=X&ei=bRAUVcvXAcHlUraEhLAO&sqi=2&ved=0CF0Q6AEwDA#v=onepage&q=stelzer%20engine&f=false</ref>
  • Free piston engine linear generator (FPEG) - [4]
  • Hydrogen-powered linear generator is reportedly as efficient as fuel cells - [5]. Discusses linear generator configuration fired on both sides. Also discusses compression ignition of non-diesel fuel - via homogeneous (premixed) charge - (HCCI) . Peter Van Blarigan, Sandia Labs Sme.png

Stelzer Engine

  • Stelzer engine - 2 opposing combustion chambers with middle pumping chamber. [6]. Pertinent popular references -

[7] and [8]</ref>

    • Uses pre-mixed fuel-air (via external/port injection, with ignition solely due to pressure + temperature increase)
    • Main challenges seem to be
      • Making the precise "mix"
      • Keeping the engine temperature in the proper zone, as too hot causes premature ignition (knocking)