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- A device that cleans off stuff using plasma (plus things listed below) in a low pressure gas enviroment (using a vacuum pump and a radio tranmitter)

- Uses a mixture plasma, light, and things like ozone, not just plasma, all are created by the same process (the ionization of the low pressure gas) and thus it is called a plasma cleaner

Used For

- Silicon Wafer Cleaning

- Cleanroom Stuff Cleaning (Glassware)

- Microscope slide cleaning

- Can be modified to be used as an etchant (with more power) in the Open Source Photolithography System

Industry Standards

- [This Tabletop One]

Existing Open Source Designs

- [ This one by the youtube channel "Applied Science"

Minimum Viable Product

- Low Cost

- Low Power Usage

- Modular

- Scalable in power (From a gentle cleaner to a plasma etcher)

- Scalable in size (From a tabletop device to a sattalite/space probe/planatary probe plasma cleaner

Basic Design

Vacuum Chamber


RF Generator


Coiled RF Antennae


Gas Input

- Can add special atmospheres such as oxygen, hydrogen, or argon

- Can improve or otherwise modify cleaning profiles by doing so



See Also


Useful Links

- Wikipedia Page on Plasma Cleaning

- Applied Science Video on Plasma Cleaning, a definit must watch