Open Source Pressure Swing Absorption 99% Nitrogen/High Percentage Oxygen Device

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  • This Device Uses a Compressed Air Source, A Carbon Molecular Seive (CMS), and Piping etc to Produce Near Pure Nitrogen, and a streamwith what is left (Mainly Oxygen, a little Argon and Trace Gasses)
  • This is done in two stages, A Dessication Stage, Then the PSA Stage
  • Additional Stage(s) can be added for additional purity, but this is a bit excessive, and fractional distillation works better
  • A standard air compressor can be used for cheap builds with diving compressors being the better, yet more expensive option
  • This can be used for dry nitrogen filled tires, COntrolled Atmosphere Storage (Assuming it meets the required specs, especially if using it for food), welding gas, or as an oxygen source for torches, furnaces, forges, or engines, or even liquid njitrogen production

Existing Open Source Designs

Industry Standards

Basic Design


  • A Standard Pallet Made of Metal with T Slot Extrusions Making a Square Frame

Air In

  • A Standard Quick Connect Female Port attached to the input pipe

Entry Pipe

  • A small (1 inch diameter?) pipe connected to the pre dessicator solenoid

Pre Dessicator Solenoid

  • A Solenoid Controlled Y Joint before the dessicator stage
  • Used to allow regeneration of the dessicant without stopping

Dessicator Stage

  • Two Towers made from larger metal pipes filled with silica dessicant
  • ~1 Meter Tall Each with 10.750" Pipe = 11308.7308868in^2 Volume?
  • Wrapped in Nicrome Wire and with filterted ports on eachyu side and a Solenoid Controlledy fitting connected to the pre dessicator solenoid and the regenerator fan for allowing regeneration

Dessicant Regenerator Fan

  • A fan that blows air through the saturated tower while it is heateed by the nicrome wire to allow for it to dry and be regenerated
  • Needs a filter, but should otherwise be fine

Post Dessicator Stage Solenoid

  • Same as the pre dessicator stage solenoid but for the post side
  • Connects to the pre PSA Stage Solenoid

PSA Stage Solenoid

  • Same as the Dessicator Stage Solenoid but before the PSA Stage

PSA Stage

  • Same as the Dessicator Stage but for the Carbon Molecular Seive, and it also has no heater wire

PSA Stage Regenerator Fan

  • Same as the Dessicator Stage Regenerator Fan, but for Regenerating the Carbon Molecular Seive by Relieving Pressure and releasing the nitrogen free gas to the proper tank

Post PSA Stage Solenoid

  • Two Solenoid Controlled Y Fittings that send the compressed nitrogen from the active tower to the Bulk Nitrogen Tank, and the Waste Gas to the Bulk Waste Gas Tank

Nitrogen Bulk Tank

  • A Pressurized tank that connects to the Post PSA Solenoid and has a tube connected to a regulator and male quick disconnect fitting as the compressed output
  • Holds Pressurized near pure, dry nitrogen (~98.5-99% Pure)

Bulk Waste Gas Tank

  • Is essentially a steel drum that attaches to a small pupp and has had a small air compressor placed inside it by cutting it open and welding it back together with a pipe used as a cord hole and a tube connected to a regulator and male quick disconnect fitting as the compressed output
  • Optionally Could Be done with Large Screw Pipes to Allow for Easy Air Pump Maitenence or perhaps a metal trash can with a 3d printed TPU Gasket and clamps as well as the aforementioned modifications

Controll Module

  • A Servo Controll Sheil and an Arduino, as well as a small touch screen or lcd + a dial



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